George Soros is funding DA's across America that are fighting against the law, not for it.
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High-profile cases like the Rittenhouse trial and potential Trump indictment underscore concerns about activist DAs, an issue long highlighted by law enforcement and politicians. These concerns are amplified by George Soros's significant backing of left-wing DAs. While his involvement in U.S. politics is known, the specifics—such as his $35 million support for DA campaigns since 2016—often go under-appreciated, reinforcing his deep political influence.

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Solving the problem

Getting on the ballot

The legislation we're proposing would create an ethics commission responsible for overseeing the conduct of County Attorneys across the entire state of Iowa. The primary objective of this proposed legislative measure is to ensure that the enforcement of criminal laws remains impartial and free from any undue influence. It is designed to insulate prosecutors from any potential external political interests that could impact their decision-making process. This proactive initiative would serve as a significant step towards preserving the integrity of the criminal justice system within the state.

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The state of things

Why this works

The proposed legislation seeks to empower a newly formed commission with the authority to discharge elected County Attorneys in Iowa who neglect legal adherence and citizen protection. Specifically, the legislation stipulates that collaboration with political donors could serve as grounds for removal, thereby enhancing the integrity and impartiality of these pivotal legal roles within the state.

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